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A photograph of Thomas Contee "Tam" Bowie at the Clifton Post Office.

This image shows two members of the Student Service Corps at Appalachian State University (1967-current) in October 1972. The Student Service Corps was a community service organization started in the fall of 1971, as part of the Office of Volunteer…

This sign shows a historical marker outside Appalachian State University. It reads, "Appalachian State University: Founded as Watauga Academy. State-supported since 1903. A part of The University of North Carolina since 1972."

Map of 80 counties included in the 1982 report by the Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force

This image shows Justice Residence Hall, built 1920. The building was located on the southern side of campus and faced north. The dormitory could hold up to 100 students, and in 1931 a wooden Justice Hall Annex was constructed behind it to hold 90…
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