About the Collection

The Highlander Center Records special collection is offered in the Belk Library at Appalachian State University on the fourth floor in special collections. Information on how to access the collection can be found here.

The Highlander Center special collection contains 83 boxes of various documents collected from the land study ranging from articles and legislation information to data sheets denoting land ownership. A guide to this specific collection can be found here.  The collection is split up into five series shown below:

Series 1. Highlander Center Correspondence and Papers 1962-1985 (divided into 3 subseries)

  • A- Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Land Study

  • B- Correspondence, Funding, and Workshops/Conferences

  • C- Litigation, Press Releases, and Other Papers

Series 2. Appalachian Coalition and Commission on Religion in Appalachia 1970-1986 (divided into 2 subseries)

  • A- Appalachian Coalition

  • B- Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA)

Series 3. Coal Mining/Strip mining issues/Reclamation 1920-1980

Series 4. Gas, Oil, Water, Other Resources 1967-1980

Series 5. Articles, Journals, Newsletters 1967-1987 (divided into 5 subseries)

  • A- Other Papers

  • B- Articles, Offprints

  • C- Newsletters

  • D- Clippings in Subject Files

  • E- Papers in Subject Files

*Datasheets denoting land ownership and final reports of the land survey have been digitized and can be accessed online. Access this part of the collection here.

Final report example:

Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force, “Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force, Volume IV, North Carolina Final Report,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43661.

About the Collection