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Justice Hall

Justice Hall 1

“Justice Residence Hall, first,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed April 17, 2019,

Justice Hall is named after Edwin J. Justice, a legal representative of McDowell County, North Carolina. Justice attended the 1903 congressional adjournment in Raleigh headed by D.D. Dougherty with the intent of securing federal funding for what was then known as ‘Watauga Academy’, where she spoke alongside E.F. Lovill, Clyde Hoey and R.B. White. Justice’s role in the creation of Watauga Academy is what earned their namesake of Justice Hall. No historic commemorations in the form of either a plaque or monument can be found within the confines of modern-day Justice Hall.

Justice Hall 1 was built in 1920 and demolished in the early 1950s to make room for campus development. This first hall, according to documents, was originally an all-male dorm, which has since changed into a co-ed dorm.   The current Justice Hall and its sister dorm East Hall were constructed in 1952. Today, Justice Hall is one of the most affordable residence halls on campus at $2,395 a semester. Justice is centrally located on the campus’s west side and boasts amenities including large rooms, gender-segregated wings, an individual sink in each room and a ping-pong table for general student use. The hall faces demolition as early as 2020, and is on the site of a newly constructed dorm,  a facet of the upcoming west side and football renovations.