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The preliminary contributors include students from Trent Margrif's First Year Seminar courses in Spring 2019. Margrif’s students conducted initial research into the buildings on Appalachian State's campus and who they were named after. A selection of information was then passed onto Kristen Baldwin Deathridge's Spring 2019 Digital History class. These upper-level students fact-checked the initial research and completed further research as needed. Then, they published the completed findings in this exhibit.

Preliminary Research

Jenna Alessandro, Alyssa Alvarez, Riley Borras, Logan Brown, Madison Eldridge, Mady Ellis, Maddie Francis, Ella Hacket, Kaitlyn Helms, Jacob Ludwig, Landon Kellum, Neil Kennedy, Dylan Kraus, Danielle Mathon, Trey Morris, Callie McGee, JD Nickel, Felicity Norton, Maddie Pardue, Connor Root, Noah Schreiner, Jack Singley, Marina Smith, Jesse Stoner, Harrison Stuart, Hudson Walker, and Ashley Weinstein.

Further Research and Exhibit Design

Emily Ball, Katie Bryant, Curry Davis, Em Klem, Dave Licause, Emma Moore, Hannah Palladino, Andrew Plank, Kari Salisbury, and Zach Triplett.